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Cream “Maģija” (“Magic”) for cellulite

efficient quick effect cream for cellulite, reduces porosity and “orange skin” effect on hips, stomach, and chest area.

Cream for hair care “Kliņģerīte” (“Calendula”)

efficient for regeneration of dry, colored and brittle hair, for strengthening roots, nourishing skin of the scalp and stimulating growth of the hair.

Tonic cream “Ekoell-A” with coral complex

is used externally (also on the mucous membranes) for burns and psoriasis to reduce hemorrhoids, eczemas, injuries, under-skin hemorrhages. Reduces itching and swelling after insect bites.

Tonic cream “Ekoell-K” with coral complex

is used externally (also on the mucous membranes) after three day long application of „Ekoell-A” cream for ulcers and injuries. Soothes problematic veins and stimulates recovery. Good for massages after strenuous physical activities.

24-hour cream “Jaunība” (“Youth”)

can be used as night and day cream. Stimulates nourishing, moisturizing and regeneration of the skin, strengthens its natural qualities, prevents ageing.

Delicate soothing cream “Alveja” (“Aloe Vera”)

for sensitive and problematic skin care. Prevents sunburn and moisturizes the skin. Recommended for children and adults.

Cream “Ceriņu ziedi” (“Lilac Blossom”) for body massage

soothes strained muscles and reduces accumulation of salt in the joints. The cream is excellent face toner. Nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

Cream for all types of skin “Mežrozīte” (“Wild Rose”)

moisturizes and nourishes skin, stabilizes metabolism of the skin.

Cream with pollen “Bitīte” (“Little Bee”)

for dry skin. A nourishing toner that protects facial skin against bad weather, prevents ageing.

Tonic cream with meadowsweets and the blueberries

cream of deep effect, delays ageing. Smoothes wrinkles and lines, stabilizes the level of moisture and improves the skin functions. Recommended for greasy skin.


A cedar is a symbol of manliness, strength, stamina and health. The oil of cedar nuts contain 22 microelements, Vitamins E, B1, B2, B6, D, 19 amino acids, from which 70% of them are indispensable, non-saturated fatty acids, which are so needed for a body to function normally. The neat, unique aromatic cedar oil is treated as a scent - surgeon in aroma therapy because it cures lingering diseases both in the body and on the energetic level. The oil refines and renews the aura and stabilizes self-regulation processes of the body. The cedar encourages trust in oneself and helps evaluate things; it charges the body with strong, refining energy. Due to the nourishing and cell regenerating qualities of coffee oil, the metabolism stabilizing capabilities of micronutrients and healing effect of the cedar oil, the cream confers the ability to quickly act on the skin at the cellular level for disinfecting, improving its appearance and structure.
Regularly using this cream after shaving, the result will be amazing – the skin regains vitality and prevents aging processes.


Land fat is mushrooms flower used only at eggs stage when the fungus has not yet spent its life-giving energy of the stem and cap formation. Land fat juice is obtained by a special method of bioactivity, so besides the energy it also contains unique, well-balanced natural substances- polysaccharides, enzymes, steroids and trace elements, which increase body’s normal tone and stimulate immunity, thereby increasing the body’s resilience. Land fat juice is used in benign and malignant tumors prevention, it improves blood circulation, promotes wound healing. In the cream “ Gone With The Wind”, thanks to the land fat juice and plant composition, there has been a synergistic effect on the skin at the cellular level, which harmonizes the metabolism and prevents aging processes. Cream is a valuable tool for facial skin care and breast procedures that quickly penetrates the skin, it nourishes and moisturizes.


Cedar removes congestion processes in the body and energetic housing, promotes new energy flow. It sorts out the organism self-regulatory abilities, reduces formation of blackheads on young facial skin. Develops the ability to assess their actions properly and to gain self-confidence. Lemon acts as a antiseptic on the skin, stimulates blood flow, but juniper stimulates lymph circulation. It is recommended in the cases of poor memory and poor general health status. Marigold and chamomile is healing various skin diseases, but microelements normalize metabolic processes in the skin. Coffee oil promotes quick absorption of the cream that is why it is quickly acting on problematic places by disinfecting them, improving skin’s appearance and structure.
The result will be amazing after a regular use of the cream.


Cream soothes and prevents discomfort of the body, thanks to well chosen cream composition.
Skin is heated and charged with ferns energy of a beneficial effect on the physical and mental body. Eucalyptus oil prevents the accumulation of salt in the joints, but the land fat juice has potent life-giving energy that stimulates immunity, thereby increasing the body’ s resistance, and increases resistance to stress and rheumatic gout cases, improves blood circulation. Coral complex normalizes metabolic processes in the body.
Cream is used spreading over problem places 2-3 times a day, thus creating a pleasant sensation of warmth and preventing discomfort. If one wish, may impose a warm dressing.

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