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Tonic face cream with almond oil

intensively nourishes and moisturizes the skin, guarantees freshness and elasticity, reduces the bad effect of the sun on the skin, protects against burns and guarantees balanced suntan.

Cream for skin relaxation “Savāda vasara” (“Weird Summer”)

highly effective health cream with prophylactic qualities and long lasting effect. Helps relax the skin and face lines, improves elasticity of the skin. Protects against severe spring and summer sunburn, guarantees balanced suntan.

Refreshing face cream “Karaliskā lillija” (“The Royal Lily”) with bee products

high quality skin regenerating cream; stabilizes the skin functions, makes the skin silky and elastic, improves the blood circulation, regulates fat gland secretion, normalizes the water circulation in the skin.

Balsam for toenails “Mārsils” (“Thyme”)

excellently soaks into the skin and toenail keratin layer, stimulates regeneration and fermentation of the skin, has disinfectant and soothing effect. Recommended for edemas. Removes hardenings on feet.

Balsam for hands and fingernails “Iriss” (“Iris”)

softens, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, stimulates regeneration and growth of fingernails, hardens and protects them.

Tonic cream “Rilāns” with placenta

activates immunity of cell functioning, stimulates the regeneration of tissues, soothes sensitive, irritated skin. Recommended for chest treatments.

Power cream for men “Ozols” (“Oak Tree”)

matches the specific qualities of the perspiration glands of male skin, protects and strengthens the natural protective fat layer, regenerates the structure of the skin, moisturizes it without making it greasy, prevents the skin problems.

Soft, moisturizing cream for women “Naktsvijole” (“Wild Orchid”)

helps to balance and preserve natural moisturizing abilities of the skin, normalizes metabolism in the skin. Can be used also on mucous membranes and intimate parts of the body.

Cream “Carotino”  for normal and dry skin care

The cream perfectly soaks into the skin, softens and smoothens it, helps to care and smooth sluggish skin on the neck and chest area.

Tonic selection “Deviņzālīšu balzāms” (“Mullein balsam”)

soothes inflamed skin, reduces itching and unpleasant effect of insect bites. Balances the level of moisture and nourishes the skin. When applied on the chest area and back, stimulates expectoration. Recommended for discomfort caused by physical activity and for feet massage.

Cream for eye zone care “Rudzupuķe” (“Cornflower”)

delicately and effectively removes make-up, gentle for eyes, cares for eyelashes, nourishes and moisturizes the delicate skin around the eyes, reduces wrinkles, lines and swelling.

Moisturizing cream for lips “Ābeļzieds” (“Apple-tree Blossom”)

protects the delicate skin of the lips, prevents splitting and chapping. The cream prevents herpes on mucous membranes of the lips.

Cream for children “Mārīte” (“Ladybird”) for the delicate skin of children.

Perfectly selected ingredients help to stabilize metabolism of dry skin. The cream cleanses, cares, and protects the delicate child’s skin under the diaper.

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