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Gel-cream “Madara” (“Bedstraw”) for eye zone

for sensitive and soft skin care. Possesses firming and nourishing qualities. Gel-cream helps to remove the wrinkles and lines, swelling, circles and ‘bags’ below the eyes.

Regenerating cream for face and chest area “Orhideja” (“Orchid”)

stimulates metabolism in the cells of the skin, nourishes, and moisturizes the epidermis, especially efficient for skin that lacks oxygen. Smoothes faded and sluggish skin.

Bioenergetical gel-cream “Ūdensroze” (“Water Lily”)

contains 27 herbs collected on Mid-summer Eve. Calms, protects, smoothes and refreshes the skin. Recommended for chest area.

Moisturizing day cream “Maijpuķīte” (“Lily Of The Valley”)

for face, neck, and chest area, quickly and deeply soaks into the skin, protects it, preserves optimal level of moisture. Smoothes wrinkles and enhances face lines.

Refreshing gel-cream “Baltie ceriņi,” (“White Lilac”)

improves the composition of the skin, makes the skin elastic and silky-like smooth. Refreshes the skin on hot spring and summer days.

Universal cream for skin care “Frēzija” (“Freesia”)

preserves the moisture level and nourishes the deeper layers of the skin with the borage oil, containing gamma linoleum acid. Reduces problems of hormonal disbalance.

Moisturizing cream for face and chest area “Puķuzirnis” (“Sweet Pea”)

light composition, compensates moisture, vitamins and fats in the deeper layers of the skin. Recommended for sensitive and dry skin.

Relaxing 24-hour gel-cream “Zīda magone,” (“Silk Poppy”)

nourishes, moisturizes, and regenerates the deeper layers of the skin. They form a silky protective membrane against the harmful effect of the external conditions.

Gel-cream of the deep influence “Zelta stīga” (“Golden String”)

with the milk protein  nourishes, moisturizes and regenerates the skin cells, strengthens capillaries, supplies the necessary microelements, that protect the skin against the free radicals.

Tonic for face with lemon oil

efficient product with fruit acids, helps peel the upper layer of the skin and stimulates regeneration of the skin.

Tonic for face “Jūras svaigums” (“Sea Freshness”)

contains sea salt and coral complex which cleanses and refreshes any type of skin, and protects the cells.

Tonic for face with rose oil and antioxidants

rose oil is good for all types of skin, especially for sensitive skin; it stimulates the blood circulation, strengthens the capillaries preserves the skin.

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