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The basic oil of the collection is obtained in Latvia. They are ecological rape, linseed, nut and sesame oils, supplemented with palm fruit oil Carotino, which contains A, E vitamins, Q10 and high quality aromatic ethereal oils.

“Dzintars” (“Amber”) with lilac

with the help of lilac flowers, regulates metabolism of the skin, relaxes strained muscles, and reduces accumulation of salt in the joints.

With lily and jasmine

for very sensitive, dry skin. Improves sleep, relaxes muscles.

With coffee and cinnamon

stimulates blood circulation, strengthens nervous system and fights depression. Reduces cellulite and headaches.

Aloe Vera, wild chamomile

for very sensitive skin, fights the skin problems, strengthens the immune system.

“Maģija” (“Magic”)

increases the elasticity of the skin, reduces the under-skin fat layer, porosity and “orange skin”, efficient for cellulite.

Fern, eucalyptus

relives joint discomfort, reduces accumulation of salt. Has a strong anti-virus effect.

With mint

antiseptic qualities, fights inflammations, strengthens the immunity of the organism. Improves blood circulation, reduces tiredness.


disinfection qualities, anti-virus, anti-bacterial, and anti-cap effect. Prevents baldness.

With rose oil

for sensitive skin, stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the capillaries.

Dandelion, geranium

prevents viruses, relieves eczemas, psoriasis, injuries, burns and cellulite.

For relaxation

calms, normalizes the skin functions.

“Rīta rasa” (“Morning Dew”)

stabilizes nervous system, relieves breathing.

“Kalme” (“Sweet Flag”)

massage oil for the skin of the scalp, for reducing dryness and peeling, for strengthening and stimulation of hair growth.

Composition of oils for cold prophylaxis “Laumiņa” (“Fairy”)

aromatic oils that stimulate breathing, protect and clean the mucous membrane of the nostrils.

“Līgo vakars” and “Jāņu nakts” (“Mid-summer Night”)

oil for sensitive delight. Relieves skin and muscular stress, stimulates spiritual relaxation, suitable for hygiene and massage of the erogenous zones.

"Ugunspuķe" („FIRE-FLOWER”)

stimulant of gamic sensuality.

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