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Prophylactic pencils work like „Ekoell”  creams on the body skin, and mucous membranes. They nourish and moisturize the skin, improve regeneration of the cells, stimulate metabolism, provide satisfaction and comfort especially to people with sedentary life style. The pencils contain the palm kernel oil, bee wax and propolis, pumpkin seeds oil, fungus (Phallus impudicus) juice, plant oil extracts: chestnut blossoms, lilac blossoms, lady’s mantle, bird-cherry blossoms, mullein, yarrow, calendula, marjoram, meadowsweets, and wormwood. Pencils are applied on the problematic spots and mucous membranes.

Hygiene prophylactic pencils “Lazda” („Hazel Tree”) for women

Prophylactic pencils

Prophylactic pencils for men

“Zemenīte” (“Strawberry”)

recommended for sensitive skin damaged by bad weather – cold, wind, hot sun and dry air.

“Citrons” (“Lemon”)

has softening, lightening, and nourishing qualities. Regulates fat glands of the skin, prevents formation of blackheads.

“Roze” (“Rose”)

for all types of skin. Strengthens skin turgor, nourishes and stimulates intensive metabolism of the skin cells.

“Melone” (“Melon”)

softly cares for problematic skin, energizes, softens and strengthens skin turgor.

“Dižegle” (“Silver Fir”)

fights skin problems, improves blood circulation, relieves muscular and joints discomfort. Recommended for palm, and feet care.

Balsam for children

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